Welcome to the Yorkshire Mid Week Geology Group

This informal, mainly retired, amateur group holds monthly field trips or sometimes museum visits, on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in rotation. Our aim is to promote the understanding and enjoyment of the geology of Yorkshire and beyond with geological rambles and education. These are usually organised by members, who receive three or four newsletters a year.

thornton force

Thornton Force, Ingleton. The famous unconformity showing the marine Carboniferous Limestone deposits lying on top of a seabed of much older eroded Early Ordovician rocks which were deposited 170 Ma earlier around 500 Ma ago

bolton abbey

Folds in Hambleton Quarry, Skipton. Caused by massive earth movements during Hercynian mountain building times.

There is no formal committee of elected office holders. Anyone, amateur or professional, is welcome to join to attend our meetings. A small annual subscription is paid by all members. Visitors are charged a small fee to cover insurance and running expenses.

The MWGG has a holiday break in spring of four to five days mid-week usually limited to twenty members and led by a local professional geologist, or occasionally by some of our own members. We have three or four full days of geology excursions and a free day in the middle of the itinerary.


The Rotunda Museum, Scarborough. Built to illustrate the ideas of geologist William Smith,producer of the first geological map in 1815.
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